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macOS 10.13 High Sierra
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macOS 32-Bit Applications To Be Unsupported In The Future

Article ID = 186
Article Title = macOS 32-Bit Applications To Be Unsupported In The Future
Article Author(s) = Graham Needham (BH)
Article Created On = 22nd June 2017
Article Last Updated = 7th June 2018
Article URL =

Article Brief Description:
Apple stated at their 2017 World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) that a future version of macOS would stop supporting 32-bit applications. This article has information about this, how it might impact you and includes a list of known 32-bit applications.

32-Bit Applications

Apple confirmed at their 2018 World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) that all future versions of macOS from 10.15 onwards would stop supporting 32-bit applications. macOS 10.13 and 10.14 (due autumn/fall 2018) just warn users every time you open a 32-bit application whereas macOS 10.15 (due autumn/fall 2019) will be the first version to not support 32-bit apps at all.

Mac App Store Applications

Apple has already begun preparations to prune the Mac App Store. From January 2018 all new apps submitted to the Mac App Store will have to be 64-bit and from June 2018, both new apps and app updates must be 64-bit. Any submissions that don't meet these requirements will be rejected. At some point apps that are still 32-bit and that have not been updated will be removed from the Mac App Store. If you bought a 32-bit app you should still be able to download it (on a version of macOS that supports it) but no new purchases will be allowed and they will not show up in searches.

Apple Applications (Mac App Store)

As of 5th June 2018 all of Apple's current applications on the Mac App Store are 64-bit except for Compressor. However, be careful if you are still running very old versions of their apps such as early versions of Pages and Numbers.

Other Apple Applications

The following Apple applications are 32-bit. It is unknown if they will be updated to 64-bit:
  • DVD Player v5.8
  • iDVD 7.1.2
  • iPhoto Library Upgrader v8.1
  • QuickTime Player 7
There are some additional background processes that Apple includes within macOS that are still 32-bit - Apple has stated that developers must move to new 64-bit equivalent frameworks so if you see these running, you have an application on your computer that still calls these 32-bit processes:
  • mdworker32
  • quicklookd32
  • inkserver
  • qtkitserver
There are, obviously, many old Apple utilities that 32-bit so we only list a few significant ones here that you might come across on your hard disk if you've migrated up from earlier versions of macOS:
  • /System/Library/CoreServices/
  • /System/Library/Frameworks/Tk.framework/Versions/8.4/Resources/
  • iPod Reset Utility 1.0.2
  • Apple application based Read Mes and Guides
    • Apple Hardware Test Read Me 1.1
    • Apple Remote Desktop Administrator's Guide
    • Apple Remote Desktop Read Me
    • iDVD Getting Started 3.8
    • iMovie Getting Started 1.0.2
    • Keynote User Guide 1.0.2
    • Pages User Guide 1.0.2
    • Welcome to Leopard
    • Welcome to Snow Leopard

Third Party Non-Mac App Store Applications

32-bit applications will continue to run until macOS 10.15 (due autumn/fall 2019) is released. At this point if you still wish to use 32-bit applications you will not be able to upgrade to macOS 10.15. If you still run macOS 10.14 it should be supported with security updates until the autumn/fall of 2021.

Disc Burning Software

Many (all?) disc burning applications appear to be 32-bit including Apple's own iDVD - perhaps the underlying OS frameworks/components for this technology are only 32-bit? However, as Apple hasn't shipped any computers with a built-in optical drive since mid-2012, it is a possibility that Apple may not bother to update these underlying frameworks/components. This could mean the demise of disc burning directly within macOS in the future! It is our prediction that macOS 10.15 will drop support for the mid-2012 MacBook Pro models and cheese-grater Mac Pros so basically macOS 10.15 will only support Macs that have no built-in optical drive. We'll update this article as more information becomes available.

Timeline For 32-Bit Applications

Based on current information this is the situation:

Early 2018 (macOS 10.13.0 - 10.13.3) - no change
Spring/summer 2018 (macOS 10.13.4 - 10.13.6) - 32-bit applications will run but you will get warnings when opening them
Autumn/fall 2018 (macOS 10.14) - 32-bit applications will run but you will get warnings when opening them
Autumn/fall 2019 (macOS 10.15) - 32-bit applications will not work in macOS 10.15 or later
Autumn/fall 2021 (macOS 10.17) - macOS 10.14 will be unsupported for security updates so continuing to run macOS 10.14 with 32-bit apps will be a security risk!

The Way Forward

Although, at the time of knowing 32-bit app support will stop, there are a number of years before 32-bit app support will actually stop, it is always best to start planning ahead now. Create a list of 32-bit apps that you are running/have installed on your computer (see next section) and make plans:
  • Do you still need the application?
  • Can you update the application to a newer version for free?
  • Can you upgrade the application to a newer version? - this might have compatibility issues that need to be tested and/or associated costs that need to be planned for
  • Is there an alternative? - this might have compatibility issues that need to be tested and/or associated costs that need to be planned for
  • Consider moving older apps to a dedicated older Mac specifically to run them.
  • Consider virtualising an older version of macOS / OS X / Mac OS X with Parallels Desktop / VMWare Fusion / VirtualBox to run your 32-bit apps:
  • We recommend running the following versions of macOS / OS X / Mac OS X as Virtual Machines for 32-bit app support:
    • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (Server) - costs money but you may already be running/want to run this to be able to use PowerPC/Rosetta based applications
    • OS X 10.7 - OS X 10.8 is better
    • OS X 10.8 - costs money but if you already own it/want to pay for it, it runs very efficiently in a virtual machine and there are few internet/iCloud based services clogging it up
    • OS X 10.9 - was very kludgy and slow when installed on a hard disk
    • OS X 10.10 - was slow when installed on a hard disk, does not support latest Apple internet/iCloud based services
    • OS X 10.11 - free, supports most internet/iCloud based services
    • macOS 10.12 - free, supports most internet/iCloud based services
    • macOS 10.13 - buggy, slow, still being revised by Apple, 10.13.4 or later will give you repeated warnings when trying to run 32-bit applications
    • macOS 10.14 - currently in beta and will give you repeated warnings when trying to run 32-bit applications

How To Tell Which Applications You Have Installed Are 32-Bit

If you are running macOS 10.14.x, go to Apple menu > About This Mac > click the "System Report…" button (the System Information app will open) > select "Legacy Software" under the 'Software' heading on the left. For all earlier versions of macOS, go to Apple menu > About This Mac > click the "System Report…" button (the System Information app will open) > select "Applications" under the 'Software' heading on the left > click on the "64-bit (Intel)" column heading to group applications > check the items listed as "No" in the '64-bit (Intel)' column. This can take a few minutes if you have a lot of applications installed/slow storage e.g. a traditional spinning hard disk. There are also a few third-party utilities out there that may help too: You should also consider that you may have background processes running that are 32-bit. You can see these (when they are running) by going to Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor > CPU tab > (right click the column headings to add/tick the "Kind" column) > click the "Kind" column heading to sort by 32-bit/64-bit type.

List Of Known 32-Bit Applications That You May Still Be Running/Have Installed

The following applications/background processes are 32-bit:

NOTE: Earlier versions of apps listed below will also be 32-bit!

Apps With Updates/Upgrades Available Now Or Promised For The Future

Apps WITHOUT Updates/Upgrades Available Now Or Any Promised For The Future

  • Apple DVD Player v5.8
  • Apple iDVD v7.1.2
  • Apple iPhoto Library Upgrader v8.1
  • Apple QuickTime Player 7 (v7.6.6) - you can use QuickTime Player (X) included with macOS, albeit it doesn't support all the video codecs that QT7 does
  • --------------
  • Adobe Contribute CS5.1
  • Adobe Device Central CS5.5
  • Adobe Fireworks CS5.1
  • Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5
  • Adobe Flash CS5.5
  • - upgrade to Creative Cloud
  • - switch to alternatives
  • --------------
  • BioShock (games)
  • Call Of Duty 1-4 (games)
  • (Some) Canon printer drivers/utilities including:
    • BJPrinterUtility2 v7.3.10
  • (Some) Epson printer drivers/utilities including:
    • Epson Connect Printer Setup v1.2.2
    • Epson LFP Remote Panel 2 v3.0.1
    • Epson Printer Finder v1.0.0
    • Epson Scan v5.1.1f2
    • Epson Scan Settings 5.11
    • EpsonNet Config v4.6.0
  • Garmin suite of apps including:
    • Garmin BaseCamp v4.6.3
    • Garmin Map Update v4.5.1
    • Garmin MapInstall v4.1.1
    • Garmin MapManager v3.0.1
    • Garmin POI Loader v2.2.2
    • Garmin RoadTrip v2.0.2 (replaced by BaseCamp but that too is 32-bit)
    • Garmin WebUpdater v2.1.3
  • National Geographic apps (it appears NG hasn't updated any software since at least 2015)
  • --------------
  • 2013 World Book
  • AccountEdge Pro 2017 v21.0.11 + OfficeLink Processor v4.0.2
  • Alpha Juno 1.0
  • Amazon Cloud Player 2.3
  • Amcrest Surveillance Pr
  • Analogue Ripper 3.1
  • Aquallegro 5.1
  • Art Directors Toolkit 5.5.1
  • Audacity 2.1
  • Audio Score Ultimate 8.84
  • Aurora Blu-Ray Copy
  • Basilisk II
  • Batch Doc Converter 1.3
  • Bejeweled 2 Deluxe 1.0
  • Bejeweled 3 1.0
  • Bwana v2.7
  • BwanaDik 3.3
  • Cardo communicators (cardo-updater background process)
  • CardRaider 2.0.11
  • CarMD
  • CDPlayer Alpha
  • Cinematize 2.07
  • coconutWiFi 2.0
  • Create Disk 1.0
  • CrossOver v17.1.0
  • Crossword Forge 7.3
  • DataColor Spyder4
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution v1.0.1
  • Dictionary Editor 1.3
  • Disco v1.0.3
  • Discus 426
  • DivX Player v5.8
  • DragThing
  • Aiseesoft DVD Player
  • EasyFind
  • Eliza 1.6
  • Elmedia Player v6.9
  • Email Merge X
  • Check Point Endpoint Security VPN v860200405 - E80.71 is out but currently unknown if 32/64-bit?
  • eReader 2.7fp
  • Export Address Book 1.5.1
  • Express Burn v6.14
  • Extract Movie Soundtrack 2.0
  • EyeTV (EyeTV Reporter is 64-bit)
  • FastTrack Schedule v10 10.2.1
  • Fetch Art 2.6.0
  • Fiery Command Workstation (CWS) v5.7.0.29
  • Fiery Remote Scan v6.3.0.05
  • File Properties Editor 6.1
  • Find A Word 2.4.0
  • Flickr Uploader v3.1
  • FoCal
  • Font Catalog Creator 2.1
  • FontBook 4.6.2
  • FontNuke v1.2.11
  • Form Viewer v3.1
  • Freecell 2.1
  • Funny Pages 1.5.2
  • G-Force Toolbar 5.8.1
  • Get Backup 2RE 2.5.3
  • GIMP v2.8.22
  • Glance v2.11.2
  • Adobe GoLive v9
  • Graph Paper Maker 2.4
  • Graphic Converter v9.x (QTKitServer background process) - v10 is out but currently unknown if they are using a newer Apple 64-bit framework?
  • Guitar Guru 3.2.2
  • Hoyle Casino v1.0
  • HP Photo Creations
  • iBored 1.1.19
  • ImageBurner v2.0
  • Inkscape v0.922.2
  • Inspiration v9 9.2.2
  • IPNetTunerX 1.7.1
  • iSkysoft Video Converter 4.5
  • Launcher v1.0.522.0
  • Joystick Show
  • JollyFastVNC v1.54
  • Kindle v1.21
  • LaCie LightScribe Labeler 1.2.2
  • Leawo Blu-Ray Player 1.9
  • Liberer 4.1
  • Link Sequence Download (LSD) v0.21
  • LogMeIn Client v4.1.4811
  • Logitech Connection Utility v3.9.5
  • Logitech MyHarmony v1.0.0.87
  • Logitech Unifying FW Receiver 24 v1.0.5
  • Mac Media Player 2.17.2
  • MacBarf 1.1
  • MacSaber 1.1
  • MahJong 5.1.0
  • Mail Archiver X 4.1 20170525
  • MarbleBlast Gold
  • Mariner Write v3.9.5
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  • MidiPipe 1.4.3
  • Mike's Cards 2.1.1
  • Moose 3.5.7
  • Movie Sherlock 5.8.8
  • MPEG Streamclip v1.9.3b8
  • MusicTime Deluxe 4.0.3
  • Name This Tune 1.4.0
  • Nanosaur 2 2.0.7
  • NEC SpectraView II
  • OmniOutliner Professional v3.10.4 - v5 is out but currently unknown if 32/64-bit?
  • Pac the Man X 1.1.3
  • PandoCalendar
  • Photo Flip v1.0
  • PhotoScore and NotateMe Ultimate 8.8.4
  • Plasma Pong 1.0
  • Play Sound 1.6.7
  • Print Explosion
  • Pulse Secure client v5.2
  • QuarkXPress v10.5.2.4
  • Quicken 2007
  • QuicKeys v4.0.7 (131)
  • QuickTunes 2.3.0
  • Resave web ready v1.0
  • RoboPostman
  • Scrabble
  • ScummVM 1.4.1
  • Smasher 3.202
  • Smell-O-Mints 2.3.2
  • SOFA Statistics
  • Solitaire Forever 1.3.5
  • Sophie Reader 1.0.4
  • SoundApp Reborn 0.1.1
  • SoundSaver 1.0.1
  • Gideon Softworks SSH Helper v1.3
  • Zerene Stacker (the app itself is 64-bit, but the launcher is 32-bit, hopefully it will be updated)
  • Starry Night Pro 6
  • Steam v1.5 (and some associated downloadable games especially those from Aspyr)
  • SuperCard
  • Sweet MIDI Player 2.7.4
  • Synchronize! Pro X v6.8.6
  • Tell Me a Story 1.3.0
  • Tex-Edit Plus 4.10.4
  • The Print Shop 3
  • ThingsService v4.6.1
  • To D o S e r v i c e v4.6.0
  • tn3270 X v3.4
  • Toast Titanium v16.x
  • Intuit TurboTax 2006-2011
  • TypeBook Creator 3.1
  • TypeTool 3
  • uTorrent 1.8.7
  • VideoStream 1.0.3
  • Vine Server 4.01
  • VMware Fusion's VMDKMounter v3.1.3
  • Word Search Creator X 3.0.2
  • World Book Dictionary 3.1
  • Yummy FTP Pro v1.11.14
  • Zinio Reader 4.2.3972
This list is not meant to be exhaustive but we try out best to be as complete as possible - it is primarily a list of applications that some users may still be using on a modern macOS that will stop working in a future version of macOS. If a 64-bit version of a listed app is available we'll try to list it with a link. This list will be updated over time - bookmark this article and revisit it if running 32-bit applications is important to you. If you know of other 32-bit applications not listed please don't hesitate to contact us.

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All proceeds go directly to MacStrategy / Burning Helix Limited to help fund this web site.

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